Letters to the Editor

Below you will find contact information for submitting Letters to the Editor to several local newspapers.

Vernon County Broadcaster
Angela Cina, News Editor
Phone: (608) 637-3616
Email: angie.cina@lee.net

Epitaph-News (Viola)
Bonnie Howell-Sherman, Editor & Publisher
Phone: (608) 627-1830
E-mail: epitaphnewspaper@gmail.com

Hillsboro Sentry-Enterprise
John Ingebritsen, Regional Publisher
Phone: (608) 489-2264
Email: sentry@mwt.net

The County Line (Ontario)
Karen Parker, Editor
Phone: (608) 337-4232
Email: opinion@thecountyline.net

La Farge Episcope
Lonnie Muller, Editor & Publisher
Phone: (608) 625-2771
Email: epilon@mwt.net

Westby Times
Dorothy Robson, Editor
Phone: (608) 637-5625
Email: dorothy.robson@lee.net

La Crosse Tribune
Rusty Cunningham, Executive Editor
Phone: (608) 791-8285
Email: letters@lacrossetribune.com

Crawford County Independent (Gays Mills)
Charley Preusser, Editor
Phone: (608) 735-4413
Email: indnews@mwt.net

The Richland Observer
Dawn Kiefer, Editor
Phone: (608) 647-6141
Email: editor@richlandobserver.net

Tomah Journal
Steve Rundio, Editor
Phone: (608) 374-7785
Email: steve.rundio@lee.net

Coulee News
Jourdan Vian, Editor
Phone: (608) 791-8218
Email: jourdan.vian@lee.net

Onalaska-Holmen Courier-Life
Jourdan Vian, Editor
Phone: (608) 791-8218
Email: jourdan.vian@lee.net

The Platteville Journal
Steve Prestegard, Editor
Phone: (608) 348-3006
Email: editor@theplattevillejournal.com