Our Issues Committee and General Membership regularly analyze state and national issues and evaluate their impact on the citizens of Vernon County.


Local Control: Restore Community-Based Decision Making!

Wisconsin has long valued and upheld the role of local government in safeguarding the interests of its citizens. However – since the 2010 election of Governor Scott Walker and a Republican-controlled Legislature – the state has substantially tipped the scales by stripping local officials and governments of decision-making authority.

LEARN HOW the ongoing assault on local government authority is eroding balance of power in Wisconsin: Click here to read our new paper, “Restore Local Control & Community-Based Decision Making.”

Protect Wisconsin water from high-capacity wells!

Wisconsin waters – and indeed, all our natural resources – are the shared legacy of us all. They are  literally being sold out from under our feet.

Our groundwater needs defending from rollback of regulatory oversights. Click here to read our white paper on high capacity wells.

Wisconsin road are in crisis!

Road Funding Policies Are Failing Current & Future Wisconsin Taxpayers

Click here to read our white paper on the crisis facing Wisconsin's transportation infrastructure.

We've updated our report to cover the state's new budget and actions in Madison. Click here to read the addendum published in March 2018.

Redistricting reform

Voters should choose their lawmakers, not vice versa

Click here to read our white paper on redistricting reform.

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