About Us

We encourage you to participate in our activities here at the Vernon County Democratic Party!
Vernon County Democrats march for healthcare
reform in the La Farge 4th of July parade in 2017.

We hold monthly general membership meetings that are open to the public. But the real work of our organization starts with the following committees … please contact the committee chairs listed above to get involved in our grass-roots activities!

  • Events — Joan Kent
  • Fundraising — Brian Wickert
  • Issues — Betty Kruck
  • Headquarters — Leeann Ostrem
  • Membership — Monique Hooker
  • Messaging — David Ebbert
  • Publicity (including social media) — Scott Champion

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Drop us a line here!

PLEASE REMEMBER: to vote at VCDP member meetings, you must be a member of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. You can join and vote at the meeting, or join anytime at http://www.wisdems.org/membership-2.


  • Chair - Wayde Lawler
  • Vice Chair - Randy Skinner
  • Treasurer - Leila Maidana-Holen
  • Secretary - Tanja Birke


Join Our Party!

Residents of Vernon County who join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin are automatically members of the Democratic Party of Vernon County. There are no additional dues for the County Party.

Annual State Party membership dues are :
  • $10/year - Students, Seniors, or Limited Income
  • $25/year - Individuals
  • $35/yr - Pairs
Click here to join or renew your membership (via Democratic Party of WI).

Financial Contributions

Contributions above and beyond your annual dues help strengthen our efforts to:
  • Recruit & support progressive candidates for local and state office
  • Register & turn-out voters
  • Get more people engaged in the democratic process
  • Promote progressive values throughout Vernon County.

Contributions can also be mailed to us at:

Vernon County Democratic Party
PO Box 411
Viroqua, WI 54665